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Weebly () is a web hosting service, headquartered in San Francisco. Its parent company is Square, Inc. On acquisition in April 2018, Weebly had more than 625,000 paid subscribers.

An unsatisfied customer lists the negative aspects of Weebly on trustradius.com, "Templates are not up to date to today's website trend. Weebly's not great looking. It requires so much coding skills just to alter background colors and such. There was something very wrong with footer layout. Footer area gets hidden no matter how the site is made. Footer should be visible at all times especially when there is not too much content on the page. It requires scrolling down just to see the footer. I find it very strange. Templates needed so many things being fixed and it required me to go into the files and do the coding... I really hated it. Templates should be ready to use as is."


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"Customer Success Advocate" (Former Employee) says

"The other reviews seem to have a similar experience to mine. I was one of the first people hired on when the company got an investment to open a call center in Scottsdale, and it became quickly obvious that nobody knew what to do. Cons: Boring environment, clueless supervisors, failing company with no future or growth potential."

customer support (Former Employee) says

"Where to begin... total waste of time applying here. Advice: find a job elsewhere and use that money to buy lunch instead of get excited about contributing to a company that feels like it won't be around much longer... which is why coworkers bond together. For survival. Cons: HR is a joke and hiring process is a bait and switch"

Customer Success Advocate (Former Employee) says

"I started with the first class of employees when the company was brand new in AZ. They talked about how we would all be managers and the company would grow and new positions and opportunities would soon be ours. 2 years later, I'm laid off after witnessing every single person from that first class systematically fired off. Truth be told, it's a sales job where you are required to meet a quota that is always increasing. Management could never answer even the most basic of technical questions and were only ever focused on selling products to customers. When I joined the remote team it was even worse. I worked an entire year with no manager communication, never a single one-on-one about my metrics or performance and anytime I reached out for help I was practically ignored. I had such high hopes for a future with this company but it was all smoke and mirrors. Cons: Strictly sales job, management has no technical experience, ridiculously expensive benefits."

SMB Online Sales & Web Consultant (Sales/Support) says

"The company and culture are what Weebly has going for it but the pay does not match the market. Very low bonus and commision structure. If you're OK with making less then 30,000 a year then this is a great fit but for those who are looking to make more best look elsewhere. Cons: Low Pay, Horrible HR Department"

Customer Success Advocate (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely loved this company and position at first. After 6 months, it was an entirely new company. The role became totally metrics based, with sales being the sole focus rather than helping the customer. If you do not want to stress every paycheck about meeting a goal, this job is not for you. Cons: Tough Sales goals. Changing environment. Manager pushes sales hard. Must make goal to keep job"

Automation Engineer/Build and Release Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Weebly has a very good work place where engineers, product managers, and QA work together on product and engineering challenges. The culture is welcoming where employees can casually talk each other about everyday life or seriously talk about technical challenges. You will most likely find a group you will like to hang out with. Cons: Short handed on the engineering front"

Perth Dog Walking says

"As most reviews explain there is non existent customer service. Impossible to contact them and if you do email you never recieve a reply. Which is disgraceful. Just trying to work out how I can transfer my website to another provider before their non existing customer service causes my business to lose business."

Joe Astor says

"Don't waste your time or money, especially if you are overseas. They don't even give you chat/call support with any of the subscriptions if you are overseas and never tell you this, not even on the sales page. I bought the PRO subscription and need to use email to contact weebly just like the free account.

Don't believe the reviews online, they just wants your referrals."

Adam says

"Like earlier reviewers, our organisation's experience was that, even as potential new customers, Weebly just don't answer emails about upgrading our plan, after 21 days now. Extraordinary. Giving them one more day and (yet) another email before exporting our free site via the Weebly-to-Wordpress app. The ability to take one's site elsewhere is the only reason for a rating above zero.
Update: reading the dozens upon dozens of similar reviews below has persuaded me: weebly is simply not interested."

Donna Hudson says

"I have been a customer with Webbly for years with no problems. I actually loved their service. However, that has now changed. I recently upgraded my service to an online shop and everything has gone downhill. Trying to get through to customer service is a nightmare. I have sent 5 emails explaining that I needed help and I haven't had a response to any of my emails. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed. If you are thinking about upgrading your services think twice because they obviously are more concerned about taking your money than providing excellent customer service."

suzanne chima says

"These idots are scammers. Do not log on to there weebly.bestbuy crap! They are pieces of **** thieves trying to scam people. Just trust your gut when you get the call from someone who can barely speak English trying to get onto your computer."

NF says

"no response for 5 days of follow-up ... we are announcing a possible withdrawal period but no way to cancel the subscription on the site ... I am desperately waiting for someone to help me and answer me. horrible to feel so disregarded, very poor customer service."

Sam Nuzbrokh says

"Stay away from Weebly. They don't have customer service and it will be very difficult - if not impossible - to extract a refund from them."

Fiona Dowson says

"Whatever you do, do NOT sign up to Weebly. It's horrendous. Difficult to use, clunky, just awful"

Bill Roberts says

"How Weebly stays a float the way they run their company is a mystery. They are beyond bad! Bad would be a compliment for what they do!

I've been paying $29.00/ for about 6 months. Today, I try to log into my account. Impossible! Try to get help from Weebly. Impossible! No phone # to call. Unclear about getting any help whatsoever!

Let me ask you, how does a company that has a 3 star google rating stay in business? Is it that bad out there that we have to accept such a poor run company? Their business model is to take your $30/month and tell you to go F yourself!!"

Meredith Coladonato says

"Do not use weebly to build your website. There is zero customer service. I have had a horrible experience trying to build a website with this service. What a waste of my money."

Rebecca Sossi says

"I don’t recommend Weebly/square

They offer zero tech support and zero customer service. And I’m a paying customer! It’s a 3- 5 day wait and that’s if you even do get a response from them
. Businesses can’t operate without support, they will actually cause your business to lose business.
Been with Weebly for 4 years, after square bought them out there is zero customer service and zero tech support. The lack of will cause you tremendous anguish. I’m currently searching for another platform to host my website."

Daniel says

"They charged me for apps which i didn't want . Its is not easy to contact them and when i did i didn't receive anything back . Finally after trying more times i get a response saying they will not pay any money back as its been to long . Awful management and dodgy practice of charging for unwanted products costing me $162 !"

Connie Ferris says

"I was a consumer of Weebly for 2 hours. Naturally, although they have a 30 day policy to cancel, I can't reach anyone to follow through. I cancelled through their various links and now don't have an account, so I can't even make complaints anymore. I don't have an account and have not gotten a refund. I have now opened a dispute through PayPal. Hopefully someone will respond. DON'T USE Weebly if you are a beginner!"

Pastor James Preus says

"Weebly has terrible customer service. If you have a problem, it is impossible to get ahold of them. I've never seen anything like it.
My website was not properly updated after I paid for my upgrade. I tried to live-chat with customer service and all I got were automated messages suggesting I read articles that did not pertain to my question. I requested to talk to a human being, but their automated reply just kept suggesting unrelated articles. I tried calling their customer service number. They claim they have longer than normal waiting times, which I highly doubt, and then when I decided to wait anyway, they hung up on me! I'm a paying customer! I looked for a way to email them. I can't for the life of me find their email address anywhere. It is nearly impossible to talk to a real human being from Weebly. I don't have time for this, but I think I'm going to have to find a different company to run my website."

Franklin Roberts says

"Weebly has absolutely the Worst Support. Save yourself serious stress and DO NOT use them!!!

My Weebly account got hacked. They should get ZERO STARS as I have tried to contact them over and over and..., but just as so many other reviewers have said, trying to get support from Weebly is far worse than pulling teeth. They are horrendous. Please, do yourself a favor and use another platform to build your website and DO NOT support this company by using their Square affiliate. Use PayPal or Zelle or anything else--but do not support Weebly and any of their companies. They simply could care less about their customers. Period!"

BAW says

"DAYS attempting to connect my Domain from Google to Weebly. Followed directions in my edit mode, then 1 Chat and 2 emails...and the directions given to me were pure gibberish to a non-tech person! So frustrating. Thankfully, I got an email to Google Domains, and they very promptly sent me step-by-step, clear, and easy to understand instructions."

Reasonable Chap says

"My domain failed to auto-renew with Weebly on 7th October - no obvious reason that I can see, Card up to date, no refused payment. No reminders of any sort: website down and email stopped.

So I logged in and tried to pay - message pops up 'you cannot extend this service'. That's it - no explanation. Now I have to wait for their notoriously slowmail response to my support enquiry. It's an absolute joke."

Stephanie Biddulph says

"I got (and paid for) an upgraded package and a web domain through Weebly.. and it's been a nightmare.

There app doesn't work properly and has caused glitches to my site that allowed a customer to order for shipping, (which is pointless because their shipping rate calculator sucks and unless you can ship a flat rate, totally pointless.)
You have to pay extra for everything, to send more than 2 emails, get reviews, etc.

The best part, there was a glitch that stopped me from selling more than 10 items, so I called support-- where I was told I was wrong & there was always a limit, though none was on any material prior to my paying them.. a couple hours later, I get told I was right and it was another glitch.

3+ glitches in less than 4 months, glitches that effected customers, then the customer support (even for paid accounts) is terrible & treats you stupid while reading from a script and unable to listen.

Glitching my site and then telling me to pay you even more to get my selling ability back has a name-- it's called blackmail..
Trying to force me to pay more to get what I'm already paying for, (to secure my income, since it comes from my site) during a global pandemic, is definitely a scam and I'll be ditching this company as soon as possible for one that won't try to blackmail me for even more money."

Lawrence Hobart says

"It is a useless, useless tool. I have spent maybe 10 hours trying just to delete a video. No live help, thats a lie. They dont answer your emails, and the tool doesnt work. I need 100 x my money back to pay for the time they wasted. I HATE IT."

Kathleen says

"This used to be a great platform. Then, Square bought Weebly and have completely messed up the system! We paid for the "Weebly Performance Site Plan" are no longer able to access our website. After nearly 2 weeks of trying to get service, we finally got a reply. I called, as instructed. After their system disconnecting me & having to call again, I was told that to "fix" the issue that they created, I would have to create and use a second email address. I declined, because I will not be bullied into having to chase emails as a work around to issues that they created and refuse to resolve, so the "associate" hung up on me!"

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